Pinkwashing, polyamory + butt politics: Most-read tales of 2016


t’s the end of a huge season when it comes to queer society, scattered with¬†pros and cons, wins and setbacks, advancement and exactly what can on occasion feel regression.

Through the end-of-year festivities, take the time to look out for each other, and search for hugs and buddies whenever they believe needed.

At Archer Magazine HQ, we have had a large 12 months, as well. In Summer, we launched our very own
SHE/HERS problem
, stuffed with tales by feminine identifying people. This month, we established our
, spotlighting the encounters of non-binary and gender-queer people.

We ranged our very own mags in Germany for the first time, put-on occasions in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, expanded the
volunteer group
, and published a whole bunch of diverse voices regarding subjects that interest us most: intercourse, sex and identity.

Discover a number of all of our most-read articles, here. We are constantly curious observe repeats from
last year’s number
, such as stories about
drug-use in queer communities
getting Aboriginal and gay

As ever, we’re in deep love with our very own subscribers and visitors. I hope¬†the break period brings you-all many cuddles and a rest from the¬†clutches of capitalism.

We’ll see you next season.

Amy Middleton may be the founding editor and publisher of Archer Magazine.

The 10 most-read stories of 2016

1. The pinkwashing of Melbourne √ʬĬėPride’
by Bobuq Sayed

Queer and trans protesters disrupt the Midsumma Pride march.

“The protest only at that 12 months’s annual Pride march in Melbourne, additionally the violent reaction it later received, draws critical awareness of the honest compromises the queer society has made to increase the energy, investment and exposure we’ve got.”
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2. handling crystal meth: tina and gay males
by Nic Holas

“Tina is practical given that drug of preference for gay men to post-AIDS. Medication eliminates the obstacles to enjoyment and intimacy that have accumulated over three decades of HIV.” (Published 2015)
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3. Assimilation, fetishisation while the challenge with white queer activism
by Muhammed Taha

“Multiple times in a queer collective, i have been expected to verify my personal queerness. Just a white queer activist could check some one they do not understand and determine how queer they are.”
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Picture: David Maurice Smith

4. Homosexuality and Aboriginal tradition: a lore unto themselves
by Steven Lindsay Ross

“When you’re Aboriginal, you’re always reminded of one’s distinction√ʬĬ¶ if you are Aboriginal and gay, you’ll find layers of difference and this can be challenging for some people.”
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5.¬†a lady’s work: Intercourse as a fat lady
by Maeve Marsden

“understanding how to utilize my body system as a thing that could bring joy and satisfaction to others, instead as a website of dissatisfaction or pain, was soft work.”
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6. Butt politics: The difficulties of anal sex
by Dion Kagan

“The rectum is actually involving an imagined √ʬĬėfeminine’¬†passivity, and, as even many amateur Freudian will tell you, feminine passivity is actually¬†the antithesis of phallic masculinity.”
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Few engage thoroughly on sleep. Photo: √©¬Ā¬ď√¶¬†¬ľ√¶¬č¬Č√¶¬Ė¬Į √¶¬ě¬ó√•¬•¬á. Photo licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

7. Non-penetrative gender: Shame, heteronormativity and climaxing without having the location
by Xiaoran Shi

“It is crucial to recognise the profoundly difficult elements having well informed advocacy for non-penetrative sex, especially for ladies, and how these repressive forces have provided toward continuous fetishisation of penetrative intercourse.”
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8. enjoying myself: just how masturbation made me understand I found myself queer
by Deirdre Fidge

“It wasn’t until I happened to be 24, newly solitary after a relationship, that I bought my self something special. It came in a discerning unlabelled bundle and that I finalized for it with trembling hands, as though I would bought a kidney from the black-market.”
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9. The joy of polyamory
by Anne Hunter

“at first, we did not have a term for what we had been doing √ʬĬď all we realized was actually that i did not desire to be monogamous. I happened to ben’t contemplating the kinds of non-monogamy I already knew of. I didn’t wanna move: I wasn’t into intercourse for the very own sake.”
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10. Polyamory: The each and every day facts to be in deep love with two different people at a time
by AngelBaby

” I easily fell in love with in love with many men and women likewise √ʬĬď it was amazing, and the more I enjoyed, the greater number of love I’d supply.¬† We never ever had gotten perplexed, never called someone the wrong title and not thought jeopardized during my feelings for of my fans.”
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