12 Examples Of Urban Design Which Ought To Be In Every City

When designers are called upon to make a public space more comfortable, useful or rational — that is, when designers serve people — it can sometimes lead to fantastic results. We hope they’ll never run out of ideas, and will continue to make the world a more wonderful place in which to live.

1. The public bench which is also a flower bed


2. The eco-friendly Wi-Fi hotspot

2.1 2.2


3. The reflective garden fence which changes appearance depending on the season

3.1 3.2

4. The glow-in-the-dark bike path in this park


5. The pubic bench which you can turn over after it rains and sit on the dry underside


6. A designs for a bench, staircase ramp and rain shelter


7. The bench which is also a table


8. The fold-out chairs which look like tulips


9.  The alternatives to benches — public hammocks!


10. The bus stop with swings

10 10.2

11. A free public battery chargers for smartphones


12. Two uses in one: it’s both a bench and a tree guard

12Artical originally on www.architectureanddesign.net


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