Professional Service

Our professional service is outlined as per the Govt. Gazette, including:

  • Project feasibility.
  • Conceptual design & design development.
  • Municipal & working/construction drawings.
  • Technical documentation and Specifications.
  • Tender assignment.
  • Site administration.

Presentation Options

  • Computer generated 3D model.
  • Walk through/fly by video animation.
  • Real- time sunlight simulation.
  • Kitchen design and 3D visualization.
  • Furniture layouts.
  • Physical wood/cardboard models.

Our interests and Ideals

  • Off-grid living.
  • Alternative, natural building materials.
  • Living buildings.
  • Creating exciting spaces and forms.
  • Creating fun & joy through architecture.
  • Community upliftment & investment.
  • Sacred geometry.
  • Biomimicry

Luke Beers

Cape Province
Concept design100%
3D skills100%
Energy efficiency 100%
Innovation 100%
harmony with nature


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