ladysmith taxi rank

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silo exhibition centre

commercial silo exhibition centre The Exhibition Centre of 14.500 m2 , is made up two-thirds of the recycled bottling warehouse and one third is a new 15 metre high structure where innovative meeting spaces are provided. These are in the form of pods, that are suspended from the roof structure. These are sound proof air-conditioned […]

apc storage solution office building

commercial | green/passive technologies apc storage solution office building the design is based on the North facade on the existing building being highly visible from the Airport motorway as an advertising platform. The design approach is twofold: Using an Iconic sculptural form of the building to attract attention to the building and thereby exposure to apc. […]

cocoon hotel

hospitality |  green/passive technologies |  commercial the concept of the cocoon hotel is a “soft” hotel in a “hard” industrial environment. It is in contrast, in nature and form, to its sister Hotel – the Silo Hotel, where the “soft” furnishings are inside a “hard” industrial relic. The Cocoon Hotel is a new structure that […]