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temple of light


The Temple of light is a Spiritual Centre.
The purity and iconic nature of the temple is an important architectural form.
Our conceptual planar form, is the circle, this is a symbolic one,
it has a multi denominational meaning.
This powerfull unifying form is particularly relevant in the African context.
It encompasses, it embraces.
“The circle of life”
The building is seen, not only as the built component
but the whole of two intersecting circles.
The space outside, is the balance of the internal space.
The nature component is equally important to the built space.
On entering the temple a magic calming effect will preveil.
Nature, light and warmth will bestow.
Externally the material and forms blend in the natural landscape.
The building connects with the earth.
The use of concrete was chosen based on its timeless qualities.
The patina it develops over time would emit a very sacred, permanence.

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