silo hotel


silo hotel

The Silo Hotel is a recycled concrete 30mx30mx30m high silo block with 42 shafts internally. These shafts have been converted to hi-tech suites. The composite floors are jacked into position and fixed to the concrete shaft walls. Two shafts comprise one room of 32m2. The windows are diamond-cut, out of the concrete walls. The room interiors are pre-manufactured and installed ‚Äúshop-fit style‚ÄĚ. The existing concrete finish is used as the final finish. This contrasts the new ‚Äúsoft/natural‚ÄĚ materials.

An Electronic management system is used to reduce the energy consumption. Here a combination of movement sensors, innovative use of LED lighting and passive, energy efficient heating and cooling.

silo rooms


silo apartments


silo penthouse

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