silo amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre accommodates 2000 people.
The uses are endless, from fashion shows to live bands, comedians and product launches in conjunction with the exhibition centre.
The Cocoon Hotel-Amphitheatre is a concept whereby the Hotel become an interface to the performances, housed in the Amphitheatre.
The shape of the hotel is designed to respond the Amphitheatre and act as the “galleries”.
Various opportunities are offered to view the performance from the hotel.
The rooms in this proximity are designed to view the stage.
There are 20 executive “boxes” that are designed as prime viewing suites for performances.
A Ladies & Gentlemans club is also situated in the prime position with its own seating gallery.
The two restaurants at ground level have reserved seating areas that allow for the viewing of performances.
From there on down, is raked seating space in front of the stage.
The adjacent walkways double up as elevated viewing galleries.
These are also part of the enclosure of the Amphitheatre.

The roof structure has been designed to protect patrons from the weather whilst still achieving an outdoor feel.

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