isando earth lofts

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isando earth lofts


The site and buildings are part of the original South African Breweries complex, which has been abandoned for 20 years. The buildings are in sound structural condition. They have been stripped of all recyclable materials.

The need to maintain its use as an Industrial complex is foremost, but the need to adapt to modern commercial demands had to be addressed, especially in such close proximity to the O R Tambo Airport. The concept was then developed, to keep the Industrial function at ground level and elevate the business component. This is achieved by linking the existing buildings, via bridges and roof-top restaurants. Landscaped recreational areas have also been created at roof level. Roof-top gardens and tree planters became viable because of the massive industrial structures, now void of machinery, being over-designed for their new purpose.

In addition to this, a light architecture has been added in the form of steel structures. These are added at roof-top level to create an architectural language that ties all the different industrial buildings together. As steel and glass spaces, they are light and open in contrast to the massive concrete industrial relics.

This proposal incorporates recycling 17 600 m2 of abandoned industrial structure.

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