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house deutschman


The site is in a game reserve estate, near East London, South Africa.
The owner’s passion and commitment to sustainability, her sensitivity and respect for nature, and the appreciation of mother earth,
inspired Dodeca to develop the expression of the first of Dodeca’s “leaf” houses.
The leaf shaped rooms are an expression of the very nature of a leaf, oxygenating, protruding, receiving, repeating and connecting.
Here the rooms have more window openings and oxygen. The shape protrudes out into nature.
They receive more light. The roofs receive water. They repeat and are connected as a whole.
The properties in the estate have no fences so that the game can roam freely.
A secure private outdoor space was therefore created in the centre where no wild animals can roam.
A water feature has been created here which is integral to the rainwater harvesting system.
Rainwater is collected via the inverted “leaf” roofs and the adjoining earth roofs and directed to tanks under the deck area.
The water is then pumped to header tanks higher up on the property.
This provides enough pressure as a gravity feed system

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